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Women and Alcohol

Women and Alcohol



Alcohol is diluted differently in men and women 

Water dilutes alchol and women generally have less water than men. Men hhave 61%, while women have 52% of water in their bodies. 


Wome have more body fat 

Fat does not absorb alcohol and so it remains highly concentrated in the body 


Enzymes affect women's capacity to metabolize alcohol

There are two ebzymes that break down alcohol in the liver and the stomach, which are: alcohol dehydrogenase and aldehyde dehydrogenase. Women have low levels of noth in their bodies. 



Due to the fact that women have higher estrogen levels in thier bodies, this causes intoxication to set in faster than in men. 


This is why women schould drink less than men, for the sake of their bodies and how it will impair their driving.