"Friends Don't Let Friends Drink Then Drive"

Winner of a Prince Michael International Road Safety Award 2012

Our Mission

  • To stop drink driving
  • To protect families from needless deaths
  • To make a difference

Victim Support

Please contact us for special pamphlets on grief as relates to drink driving deaths or injuries for adults, children, friends, or grandparents.

Get Involved

SADD relies on the support from the public. We welcome support of any kind, be it financial, volunteering, or fundraising.

South Africans Against Drunk Driving | SADD


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SADD (South Africans Against Drunk Driving) is a Non Profit Organization (NPO No: 055-255). SADD's Head Office is in Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal but works throughout South Africa and offers the following services:
  • Education and workshops to road safety officials, schools, tertiary institutions, health providers
  • Alcohol and breathalyzer training
  • Support for victims of drink driving and grief counselling
  • Media resource centre
  • Sales of breathalyzers, road Safety, alcohol and drug manuals, DVD's and other road safety material




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