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How bad is it?


From 1st of January to 7th of July 2014, the following occured on our roads:






These are people who are loved and missed by their families and the impact of the crash will touch hundreds of people and affect many lives. It also impacts on the South African economy and so these lives are not just statistics.

Visit the Justice Project South Africa for a live road crash carnage counter.



2013/2014 festive season death statistics

SADD’s comments

(7th January 2014)

SADD send our condolences to the 1 376 or more families who lost loved one's on our roads over the 2013/2014 festive season. These 1 376 are not just nameless statistics or numbers. These are real people – mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, uncles and friends. Pillars of our society and breadwinners. We tend to forget the 20 - 30 who are injured for every person who dies and 25 are paralyzed daily. SADD work with the United Nation and World Health Organization (WHO) and they have asked us to highlight the cost of injuries.


Graph showing estimated road traffic deaths worldwide



 WHO's "Global Status Report on Road Safety" 2013


Results as follows:

Deaths per 100 000 (As amended by WHO -using confidence estimated negative binomial regression models). 2013 statistics shows that death by drunk drivers has now increased to nearly 12,000 deaths per year.


Sweden 3 Mozambique 18.5
UK 3.7 Malawi 19.5
Australia 6.1 Angola 23.1
USA 11.4 Zambia 23.8
India 18.9 Botswana 20.8
China 20.5 Namibia 25
Iraq 31.5 SOUTH AFRICA 31.9
Iran 34.1 Nigeria 33.7
Venezuela 37.1  
Thailand 38.1  
Dominican Rep 41.7  


SA enforcement figures:

Drink Driving 2/10
Seatbelts 2/10
Child restraints 1/10
Speed 3/10
Motorcycle helmets 6/10

What we want


  1. More random alcohol testing - morning, noon and night- 24 hrs-every day of the week- all yr- and not just at holiday periods.
  2. The establishment of "Drink Driving Courts" so drink drivers are tried and sentenced within 1 month of the incident.
  3. All convicted drink drivers to automatically have licence removal and be sent for alcohol education and/or treament with properly trained addiction counsellors.
  4. Every driver to be tested for alcohol or drugs at every crash scene, and for all SAPS and Traffic Police to have screening breathalyzers in their vehicles.
  5. Traffic Officers to be on duty- 24/7,and especially at night and weekends when most crashes happen.
  6. "Accidents" to be called "crashes"- as per the UN's recommendation- because they happen for a reason eg drink driving/speed/unsafe overtaking/unroadworthy cars, so it is not just an "accident" they happen.


Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC) / Department of Transport (DoT)


In South Africa, deaths per 100,000 = 43   This is shocking!
  • In SA - 18 000 people are killed annually and 150 000 are severely injured. (Medical Research Council statistics)
    On a daily basis, 45 people die and 410 are injured, with 25 people becoming paralyzed.
    Road crashes are the main cause for death in the youth, age 5 - 29. (Ref : World Health Organisation)

    According to the National Injury Mortality Surveillance System (NIMSS) of 2010 SA’s annual road traffic fatality burden is estimated in the region of 18 000, with road traffic deaths of 43 per 100,000 (UK: 6 per 100 000, Australia: 8 per 100 000, USA: 14 per 100 000 - according to WHO.) CSIR says road crashes costs SA R309 Billion annually. DoT still loosely talk about approximately 14 000 deaths a year- but most people involved with road safety feel these are largely incorrect and the crashes/deaths and injuries are underreported.

    Alcohol abuse (drinking then driving/walking) causes half of these problems.

Crashes happen all through the year- not just at Christmas and New Year
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