"Friends Don't Let Friends Drink Then Drive"

Winner of a Prince Michael International Road Safety Award 2012

Victor Zondi

Victor Zondi"I was driving from Durban and a car behind me was trying to overtake me. He was going way too fast. Unfortunately there was a truck in the next lane, so I couldn’t move over to the side and allow him to pass. I ended up swerving out of the road. I thank God for preserving my life."




Tholakele Mkhize

Tholakele Mkhize 2 web'I just remember being in hospital and feeling a lot of pain. Everything is just a blur. I am grateful for the staff at Edendale hospital."



Ronald Chitekeshe

Ronald Chitekeshe 2"We were coming from a funeral, and all of us were tired. The driver fell asleep at the wheel and he swerved off the road.

I am happy to be alive"




Nokhuthula Luswazi

Nokhuthula Luswazi WEB"My cousin (Tholakele Mkhize) and I caught a lift with this car to get back home. At some point he started speeding     and it was also at night. I don’t really remember what happened but I just found myself in hospital and they had taken my child away. They took him to Grey’s hospital because he needed specialist help, they tell me that he is going to be paralysed. He is only 2 years old."




Nokulunga Khuambule


Nokulunga Khambule 2 WEB

 I was coming from my husband's funeral and I had my baby on my back. We were trying to cross the road and we didn’t see a taxi speeding towards us. The driver hit me and my child and dragged me for about a 100m under his taxi. He didn,t even stop to check if I was okay.

I also lost my baby... 

Bekhi Hlela

Bheki Khuzwayo web


“I was walking from work and this car hit into me. He just drove away. I am happy to be alive though.”





Nobulhe Khuzwayo

Nobulhe web



“I was actually coming from work, and all of a sudden this car hit into me. There was a lot of us. I don’t remember a lot, but I remember the pain.”





P Kweyana

Miss PK web




“It’s really hard but I am trying to look at the positive side of this accident, I am alive. I will not walk again though, I don’t know where I will get a wheelchair, but I am happy to be alive. I was coming from building my house in the rural area; I didn’t think this would happen…”






Xolani Mazibuko

Xolani web



 “I told my friend, ‘Let me drive… you are drunk” but he insisted on driving, so I agreed. Honestly, I can’t remember the accident, it all happened really fast. I just remember pain, and seeing my friend’s smashed against a rock. I was lucky.


I am paralysed, but still having operations. I hope I will be able to walk again”




Blessing Ngozi

Refusal 2 


“I remember thinking that I should not get into this taxi, the driver was chatting on the phone and the music was blaring, even my husband did not want to get into it, but we needed to go. It’s always a gamble with the young drivers…they don’t really know life. I thank God I am alive, but I am sad that I am so far away from home and my family is not here with me.”




Gandazo Khumalo

Gandazo 2 web 


“I was hit by a drunk driver, and what is so sad is that I was not drunk myself. Luckily I was wearing a seatbelt, otherwise I would have suffered a head injury. I thank God that I am alive, I am the main breadwinner for my family, and I am grateful that I have in juries that I can recover from”